Shot:Jonathan Baum                                                       Edited:Jonathan Baum                                                               Produced:Jonathan Baum

About: 16millimeter narrative short film, made in various shooting locations across New York City: Central Park, Coney Island, Moma, etc. What at first seems like a typical couples spat, turns into an ode to filmmaking as a relationship channel-surfs its way through film history; with commercial interruption.

Shot:Jonathan Baum                                                      Edited:Michael Elliot                                                                        Produced:Michael Elliot

About: A comedy heist shot on sixteen millimeter film. A young girl is broke, with no money to feed her drug habit and must entertain her dealer in order to get a deep discount. What could possibly go wrong?

Shot:Jonathan Baum                                                       Edited:Jonathan Baum                                                                        Produced: Pace FTVC

About: Johnson & Johnson is a slapstick comedy developed in collaboration with the actors of Pace Universities FTVC film club. A Spoof on the crime genre, Johnson & Johnson follows two cops as they attempt to uncover the tense mystery of a misdemeanor public defecation crime.

Shot:Jonathan Baum                                                       Edited:Jonathan Baum                              Produced:Jonathan Baum/Frank Martinelli

About: A proof of concept trailer developed to pitch a television pilot. The idea revolved around an NSA operative who gains classified incite into the lives of doomed American citizens and due to the distress this causes him, begins to question his own identity. Inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's The Conversation (1974).