Shot:Frankie Siringo                                                       Edited:Jonathan Baum                                                                           Produced:DIOR/BFA

About: An exclusive fashion show located in the remote deserts of Calabasas, California. Dior premiers a line of avant summerwear and poses the question; What would you do for love?

Shot:Jesse Lirola/Harris Markowitz/Jonathan Baum                Edited:Jonathan Baum                                                                  Produced:BFA

About: Shot during the 2017 Met Gala, a series of moving portraits presenting many of the celebrity guests and New york aristocrats in attendance. In addition to a Behind the Scene's video, highlighting the teams cooperation and practice. 

Shot:Harris Markowitz                                                    Edited:Jonathan Baum                   Produced:Jessica Lirola/BFA/A Cereal Production

About: A collection of moving portraits composed during New York Fashion Week (Winter 2017). Displaying an array of contempory models, designers and New York elites as they bouce from: fashion shows, to night club to city streets.